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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Freedom Resolutism

Almost 200 men of different backgrounds and aspirations band together to crush almost 3000 of the Mexican Army's finest (okay, that would be funny now, but it wasn't in 1836). Why? What did they have in common? What's different today? They believed that the fight for Texas represented the second American Revolution, the key to fulfilling its Manifest Destiny and thus completeness as a nation, a nation free of the class oppressions of Europe and a nation rolling with fresh, green grass. Land -- what drove men mad and women even madder at them. What's different now? Our men are still brave and honorable but none at the Alamo would've later testified to his buddy using an unfair method of fighting, of punching a prisoner. What has gone wrong? These men would riot violently and drunkenly at the mere idea of Courageous Restraint. Sadly, Texas became a slave state, later voted to secede and Confederate forces occupied the Alamo during the Civil War.

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