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Monday, July 11, 2011

Arctic Indifference

The Long Exile tells the cruel story of Canadian Inuit who were forcibly relocated to desolate and virtually unliveable locations in the Canadian Arctic in order to validate land claims for Canada during the Cold War. Although used to surviving in Eskimo fashion in the Quebec Arctic, these new locations would not have been intentionally selected by anyone with any sense to live in and yet these Inuit were forced to remain there by the Canadian government. They didn't even have proper dogs for that type of terrain and had to eventually find Greenland dogs to breed with. It was a horrible existance and they didn't achieve recognition much less justice until the 1990s when a special commission was formed and the Inuit territory of Nunavik was created. Those surviving relocatees were compensated financially and the press castigated the Canadian government, which never did apologize. What these Inuit went through to adapt in these terrible conditions is amazing and true testimony to their inner strength.

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