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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still Fighting

"We were no match for the German artillery. Those Germans were technologically advanced for being a small country. They had the best fighters in the world, the Fallschirmajager, German paratroopers and and the SS-Nazis, even the Germans were scared of them. They were fearless, raised as boys to live and die for Hitler. Germany was prepared and America was sound asleep. We didn't make plans for it, kid. ... I never expected to survive a day, much less the whole war." Fortunately, Bill, of Easy Company's Band Of Brothers did come home and tells his tale in this bestseller. What are the lessons to be learned about being a nation unprepared? How long did the German build up to WW II last? Almost a decade, we watched and snoozed. Our Commander and Chief today plays golf on Memorial Day. That's reassuring.


  1. I could not describe the general population of America better, since it is more enamored with "what can America do for me" rather than the other way around. I am frankly amazed to see the recruiting statistics (if they are to be believed) of true Patriot's of conviction, joining the military to be part of something larger than themselves, or even larger than just the United States itself, but for the sheer survival of the 'western civilization' as a whole.

  2. Let's only hope our friends have encountered some of today's true patriots and see that it's not all bad ...