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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alpine Retreat

"Many a one has lost his faith in God because he first lost his faith in man; and again many a one has found his faith in God again because he met a good man who took the bitterness out of his heart." - Cardinal Faulhauber. And so it goes with the journey of Maria and her family of Trapp singers, leaving behind the Austrian Alps, now swarming with Nazis, to find brotherhood in America. While "The Sound of Music" is brilliant, entertaining and beautiful, it does faint justice to the true story of a family who lives frugally on dollars but rich in faith and love. The latter elements lead to bread alone for a time but prosperity in the end and the equivalent of gold bullion in friendships along the way. Her story is deeper than what Julie Andrews portrayed and the bulk of it actually takes place in America where the naturally haughty Europeans learn what it means to be poor and to be a pioneer because of it. Necessity being the mother of well, you know ... I would have asked for more of a glimpse into the hearts of the oldest boys who are drafted to fight in WWII for a country they are not yet citizens of but it is after all a tale about Maria and the relationship she has with God and the Catholic Church that founds and funds her life. A story worth re-reading when the going gets rough.

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