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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Seeing red in the green zone

Green Zone Causing flashbacks from the CPA's blundering early in the Iraq War, "The Green Zone" is nonetheless a very probable glimpse into the truth. Based on insightful journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran's book Imperial Life in the Emerald City, it touches on truths which are indisputable: the fantasy world of the Green Zone where the wet-behind-the-ears spend their days making incredibly naive decisions; truths that are probable: while we had every legal reason to go to war w/Sadaam, for inexplicably bad reasons we chose WMDs without good intel or a plan to stop them from being moved quickly into Syria; and truths that stretch the imagination: the State Department being caught in such a bad conspiratorial lie that they're willing to use SF to kill an HVT from the deck of cards. Good acting as an Army Chief Warrant Officer (a useful rank you don't see utilized enough by Hollywood -- nobody can touch a Chief), realistic Army briefing and field visuals, probable dialogue and suspense to the end. Esmerelda says check it out. H-o-w-e-v-e-r, after speaking w/SR71 about this, I am obliged to point out that this review in no way constitutes support of the "Bush Lied; People Died" crayon crowd. The media simply pressured him into the easy road in communications rather than trying to explain to the dunderheads what was really going on in the world. How much better off would we be in Iran and Iraq were currently in cahoots, either overtly or covertly? And how much does anyone seem to care that Iran has declared war on us time and time again? People want sexy news reporting and sadly that's what they get sometimes. I told the President not to focus on that WMD stuff ... but would he listen?

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  1. I had no intentions of wasting perfectly good beer money watching matt damon acting out his lifelong dream of sticking it to Bush and Co on the big screen but after consultation with Esmerelda I have decided to plunck down a few shillings and see if he can pull off a straight story about Iraq.