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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jane's Error

Third cancer surgery over, now all I CAN do is lie about and read. My dream come true but alas I am restless. Well, I continue to struggle through Jane Eyre, wanting more of the Bronte's after reading their historical biography. Now Jane is displaying the error of her decision in her misery. She has left the love of her life behind, and hides penniless on the moor, her heart filled with pain and confusion. No amount of disregard for another human being --especially one of the opposite sex --would engender such feelings. Not a whit of freedom or relief does she feel. She's gone quite mad instead with passionate devotion and overwhelmingly: love. Too stubborn to admit, too goody-two-shoes of a devout shrew and she is whistling in the darkness. I feel absolutely no sympathy for her, only for the good man she has abandoned after forcing him to pour his heart out to her. I don't care for such behavior. As much empathy I have for unrequited love, who is the elite snob now, Jane? I write later ... how can Jane truely see St John Rivers a good man, a Godly man? Amazed that after all this she is still only 19 but she has shown some mature good sense so far. He is not a Christan but an obsessed clergyman who will shame the gentle Hindus into converting. He is the worst Christianity has to offer. He is the reason many of us question the Church, any Church. Zealotry in any fashion is more than passion, it is the sheer opposite of reason and thus a danger to the unlucky soul placed in the path of such a cleric. Run, Jane, see Jane run again ... Having said all that, I finally finished the book and found I could not then set it down. A very distracting and disturbing story; an apt description of Jane as well. It stuck with me. I almost feel more fully formed for having read this book. It seemed to channel Charlotte throughout and I felt very close to her. Strange.

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